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prefix, suffix and root word mind map

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  1. Suffix
    1. -ant/-ent (meaning: one who)
      1. resident
        1. dependent
          1. ignorant
          2. -ism (meaning: doctrine of, principal of)
            1. escapism
              1. activism
                1. formalism
                2. -ure (meaning: action or process)
                  1. procedure
                    1. capture
                      1. exposeure
                      2. -hood (meaning: state or quality of
                        1. childhood
                          1. neighborhood
                            1. parenthood
                            2. -ian (meaning: person)
                              1. musician
                                1. guardian
                                  1. civilian
                                  2. -ive (meaning: inclined to)
                                    1. initative
                                      1. active
                                        1. negative
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