John Finnis

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John Finnis
1 7 basic Forms of Good.
1.1 Friendship-Mutual trust between two or more people
1.2 Life- Preserving and Prolonging life
1.3 Natural Beauty- Refers to the world and what the world has to offer.
1.4 Knowledge- Gaining facts, information and skills through experience
1.5 Play- Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation.
1.6 Practical Reasonableness- Resolving moral problems through reflection.
1.7 Religion- Following the tenants of religious faith. e.g. love thy neighbour
2 9 Principles of Practical Reasonableness
2.1 Do good and avoid evil
2.2 Have a rational and coherent life plan
2.3 Do not priorities one basic good over another.
2.4 Treat everyone equal
2.5 Remain objective.
2.6 Limit Consequenses
2.7 Have respect for all basic values
2.8 Uphold requirements of the common good.
2.9 Follow your conscience.
3 Finnis and Homosexuality
3.1 Finnis argues that the state should deter public approval of homosexual behaviour.
3.1.1 On the other hand he refuses to persecute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation.
3.2 He based this on position not on the claim that homosexual sex is unnatural but on the idea that it cannot involve the union of procreation and emotional commitment that heterosexual sex can, and is therefore an assault on heterosexual union.
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