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1 'The sanctity of Life'
1.1 The christian belief that life is holy as it has been given to us by God
1.2 Sanctity= Holy
1.3 Life= Given to us by God
2 General Info
2.1 Definition= The deliberate termination of a pregnancy (usually when the fetus is 24 weeks old/ 6 months)
2.2 Permitted under UK law provided certain conditions are met
2.3 Alternatives
2.3.1 Adoption
2.3.2 Parenting
3 Key stages & beliefs
3.1 24 weeks= Viability in UK law. Half of babies born at this point will survive
3.2 21- 23 weeks= some babies born at this point will survive
3.3 Catholics believe life begins at conception
3.3.1 Abortion= Murder
3.4 Church of England believe 'the rights to life' are acquired as the fetus develops
3.4.1 'Lesser than two evils' in some circmstances
4 Legal Grounds
4.1 Up to 24 weeks
4.1.1 Risk to physical/ mental heath of woman
4.1.2 Selective reduction of foetuses in multiple pregnancy
4.1.3 Risk to physical/ mental health of existing childern
4.2 Up to term
4.2.1 Probability of grave permanent injury to the woman's physical/ mental health
4.2.2 Risk of life of woman
4.2.3 Substantical risk of sererve physical/ mental disability in foetus
5 Why do women have abortions?
5.1 Finical reasons
5.2 Rape
5.3 May cause mental/ physical harm to mother
5.4 To cover up an affair
5.5 Too many childern already
5.6 Too young/ too old
5.7 A form of ciontraception
5.8 Hereditary disease
5.9 Gender selection
6 Pro life/ pro choice
6.1 Pro Choice= Slogan used for the view that women should have the right to choose whether or not to have an obortion
6.2 Pro Life= Slogan used for the view that supports the right of the life of the foetus
6.3 Examples of pro life organisations
6.3.1 Life Free and open to everyone Educate people about fetus's rights Challenge governments Give advise and counseling
6.3.2 SPUC
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