Aortic regurgitation

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Postgraduate Medicine Cardiology Mind Map on Aortic regurgitation, created by Laura Smitherman on 03/10/2015.

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Aortic regurgitation
1 Causes
1.1 cusp erosion
1.1.1 infective endocarditis
1.2 cusp malformation
1.2.1 bicuspid
1.3 aortic wall disease
1.3.1 dilatation HTN Reiter's ankylosing spondylitis
1.4 risk factors
1.4.1 Marfan's/ Ehler-Danlos (type IV)
1.4.2 SLE
1.4.3 Turner syndrome
2 Signs
2.1 Severe
2.1.1 pulse collapsing wide pulse pressures
2.1.2 nail bed visible pulsation Quincke's sign
2.1.3 chest early diastolic murmur soft lower left sternal edge apex beat thrusting displaced
2.1.4 Head/neck visible arterial pulsation Corrigan's sign Head bobbing de Mussset's sign
3 Symptoms
3.1 asymptomatic until LV fails
3.2 HF symptoms
3.3 rare
3.3.1 angina
4 Management
4.1 Symptomatic
4.1.1 valve replacement
4.1.2 HF treatment
5 Pathophysiology
5.1 elevated preload
5.1.1 volume overload dilatation
5.2 elevated afterload due to increased stroke volume
5.2.1 pressure overload
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