UNIVERSITY ENGLISH Mind Map on Wh-questions, created by Ghose Gargi on 05/05/2020.
Ghose Gargi
Mind Map by Ghose Gargi, updated more than 1 year ago
Ghose Gargi
Created by Ghose Gargi over 2 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Presentation
    1. Creating a video on Canva with subtitles and pictures and examples
      1. The video will contain the explanation of:
        1. What ?
          1. Whom ?
            1. Who ?
              1. When ?
                1. Where ?
                  1. Why ?
                    1. Which ?
                2. Practice
                  1. Online Zoom session- Discussing these seven wh-questions. (to be used in what context)
                    1. Teacher-student interaction: explaining and practising live. Teacher presents slides on power-point with examples to make the topic easier to the students.
                  2. Production
                    1. Teacher uses the Quizizz app to send them quizzes on the topic. The students use the code and join the game and they earn points and the teacher grades them.
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