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Montserrat volcano case study

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1.1 North American Plate and Caribbean Plate
1.1.1 Destructive plate boundary
2 About
2.1 After 200 years of dormancy, eruptions began in 1995
2.2 Big eruption in June 1997
2.3 In the Soufriere Hills
3.1 Primary
3.1.1 23 dead, 7 injured
3.1.2 Hospitals, buildings destoyed
3.1.3 Communications down
3.1.4 Plymouth buried in about 12m ash and mud!
3.2 Secondary
3.2.1 Tourism declined
3.2.2 The economy failed- electrical goods couldn't be imported as the buildings were damaged, and the crops had failed
3.2.3 However soil fertility improved from volcanic ash
3.2.4 Volcano tourism developed and tourist returning
4.1 Immediate
4.1.1 UK sent £17m in emergency aid
4.1.2 5000 people left the island for the UK or Antigua
4.1.3 South of island declared as exclusion zone and everyone evacuated to the North
4.1.4 USGS scientists set up seismometers to monitor volcano
4.2 Long Term
4.2.1 UK gave £41m to aid in rebuilding docks and an airport which was opened in 2005
4.2.2 Volcano advertised and tourists invited to see the modern day Pompeii
4.2.3 Little Bay town built in the north to replace Plymouth
4.2.4 The MVO set up to monitor the volcano

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