The Treaty of Versailles 1919

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treaty of versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles 1919
1 French
1.1 War guilt - Germany had to accept the blame for starting the war.
1.2 Reperations - The major powers agreed, without consulting Germany, that Germany had to pay reperations to the Allies for the damage caused by the war. It was set in 1921 to 6600 marks. This was changed under the Young Plan in 1929, Germany had to finish this bill by 1984.
1.3 German territories and colonies - Germany's overseas empire was taken away. One of the causes of bad relations between Britain and Germany before the war. France and Britain technically owned them because former German colonies became controlled by the League of Nations.
1.4 The size and power of the German army was a major concern to all the powers, expecially France.
1.4.1 The army was limited to 100,000 men
1.4.2 Conscription was banned - soldiers had to be volunteers
1.4.3 Germany wasn't allowed armoured vehicles, submarines or aircrafts
1.4.4 The navy could only build six battleships
1.4.5 Rhineland became demilitarised zone - no German troops were allowed into that area. Rhineland was important because it was border area between Germany and France.
2 America
2.1 Previous methods of keeping peace had failed + so League of Nations was set up as internation 'police force'. Germany wasn't invited to join League of Nations until it had shown that it was a peace-loving country.
3 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - 1917
3.1 Germans had taken a lot of land from Russia + were suprised that it was a harsh treaty.
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