Chemical Equilibrium

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Chemical Equilibrium
1 DEFINITION: the state of dynamic balance where the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the backwards reaction
1.1 Dynamic- when the 2 reactions are still occurring
1.2 once the reaction reaches equilibrium there is no change in the concentration of reactants or products
1.3 both reactants and products will be present @ equilibrium
1.4 concentration of products @ equilibrium depends on the reaction itself and the conditions
2 Le Chatelier's principal
2.1 DEFINITION- if a stress is applied to a system the system reacts (readjusts) to relieve the stress
2.2 Pressure increases - goes to the side with less moles pressure decreases- goes to the side with the greater no. of moles
2.2.1 pressure only has an effect if both substances are gases different no.s of moles on each side of the equation
2.3 Temperature increase - endothermic reaction occurs Temperature decrease -exothermic reaction occurs
2.4 Concentration X increases - goeses to remove X Concentration X decreases- goeses to increase X
2.5 Expt.
3 Industrial applications of Le chartseliers principle
3.1 The haber process
3.1.1 ammonia manufucturing Pressure - high pressure the reactions goeses to the right but it is expensive to maintain and potentially dangerous a compromise is reached @ 200 atmospheres Temperature- low temp, the reaction sides to the right but this will make the reaction slow a compromise is reached @ 500 degrees
3.2 The contact process
3.2.1 manufacturing of sulfuric acid Pressure - high pressure increases the yield but is carried out just above atmospheric pressure Temperature - low temp. favours the production of SO3 but a compromise is reached @ 450 degrees
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