geography GCSE - population

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geography GCSE - population
1 birth rate
1.1 number of babies born per 100 people per year
1.2 will be higher in LEDC as no contraception
1.2.1 could be due to lack of money, development or education
1.3 lower in MEDC as have careers and education
1.4 religion affects it
1.4.1 dont believe in contraception
2 death rate
2.1 number of deaths per 1000 people per year
2.2 war, famine illness affects it
2.2.1 in LEDC
2.3 alchohol at younger ages
2.3.1 in MEDC
2.4 more money for healthcare effect it
3 demographic transition model
3.1 5 different stages
3.2 stage 1
3.2.1 high br
3.2.2 high dr
3.2.3 both change due to war and famine
3.2.4 population is stable
3.2.5 eg rainforest tribes
3.3 stage 2
3.3.1 dr decreases
3.3.2 br stays high
3.3.3 pop grows
3.3.4 eg afghan
3.4 stage 3
3.4.1 br drops big
3.4.2 dr keeps decreasing
3.4.3 pop still grows
3.4.4 eg ledc india, kenya
3.5 stage 4
3.5.1 low br
3.5.2 low dr
3.5.3 br fluctuating due to economy
3.5.4 e.g. further countries uk, isa
3.6 stage 5
3.6.1 br very low
3.6.2 dr higher than br
3.6.3 dr increase due to ageing pop
3.6.4 total pop decreases
3.6.5 e.g. further countries japan, italy
4 population pyramids
4.1 links with dtm
4.2 stage 1
4.2.1 wide base due to high br
4.2.2 steep- high dr
4.2.3 short life expectancy
4.3 stage 2
4.3.1 few more elders now
4.3.2 less concave
4.3.3 dr drops
4.4 stage 3
4.4.1 more people live older
4.4.2 br decreasing
4.5 stage 4
4.5.1 most ppl now die at old age
4.5.2 high life expectancy
4.5.3 br going down
4.6 stage 5
4.6.1 increasing in very old
4.6.2 middle aged high than kids
5 dependancy ratio
5.1 too between dependant and independent
5.1.1 work for themselves
5.1.2 need looking after (kids, elderly)
5.2 dependant x 100 independent
5.2.1 (0-15)+(65+) divide by (16-64) times 100
6.1 china's one child policy
6.1.1 put in place because pop was too big, i billion in 1970 was relaxed after sichuan earthquake
6.1.2 rules can't marry until 20 only one baby boys were more wanted lots of girls died in orphanages
6.1.3 benefits to people 5-10% salary rise priority housing free education & healthcare
6.1.4 if disobeyed 10% salary cut fine was so big would bankrupt you no free stuff
6.1.5 if 2 only childs had baby they can have two rich ppl would have two as can afford fines
6.1.6 4,2,1 problem wasting money on pensions as lots of old not enough independent ppl
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