Data Portability

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Created by jbingham853 about 6 years ago
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Data Portability
1 What is data Portability?
1.1 The ability to transfer data from one system or software application to anoter without having to re-enter the data.
2 Data Compresion
2.1 Data Compression is used to reduce the size of a digital file.
2.2 It allows faster file uploads, downloads and takes less time to attach files to emails.
2.3 Takes up less storage space on a computer system.
3 Software Compression and Decompression
3.1 Data files can be compressed by saving them using a particular file format.
3.1.1 Graphics can be compressed using JPEG or GIF format.
3.1.2 Music files can be compressed to MP3 format.
3.1.3 Video files can be compressed using MPEG.
3.2 WinZip is an example of compression software.
3.2.1 Files must be decompressed/unzipped/extracted before they can be opened after compression.
4 The Purpose of a Check Digit
4.1 What is a Check Digit?
4.1.1 A digit added to the end of a code. The code is used in a calculation and th check digit is recalculated. If the results of the calculation do not match the check digit, and error message appears. The code will have to be input again.
4.2 Where are they found?
4.2.1 On the ISBN on the back of a book.
4.2.2 At the end of a Univeral Product Code (UPC) or barcode on items in a supermarket.

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