What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  1. Genre
    1. Social Realism
      1. What is social Realism?
        1. The term ‘social realism’ is one which is often used uncritically and indiscriminately in popular film criticism.
          1. It is something of a catch- all term which conveys an idea of a text’s content, its concerns, and its visual style.
    2. Social Realism Distributors
      1. A distributor is an individual or a business that purchases films and converts them into cinemas or other media
        1. I am going to look at different type of social realism films, to see who distributes them and who might distribute mine
          1. Optimum Releasing
            1. This is England, Blind Shaft, Tyrannosaur
            2. Axiom Films
              1. Half Nelson
              2. Artificial Eye
                1. Last Resort, Fish Tank, The Son, The Child
                2. Icon
                  1. Sweet Sixteen, Looking for Eric, Precious, Ae Fond Kiss
                  2. Verve Pictures
                    1. The Arbor, Red Road, Bullet Boy
                    2. Pathe Distribution
                      1. Adulthood, Outlaw, Rat Catcher
                      2. Vertigo
                        1. London To Brighton, Shotgun Stories
                        2. Dogwoof Pictures
                          1. Man Push Cart
                          2. Channel Four Films
                            1. My Name Is Joe
                            2. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
                              1. Nil By Mouth
                        3. Companies who have distributed films:
                          1. Theatrically
                            1. Fox Searchlight
                              1. Sony Picture Classics
                                1. Oscilloscope
                                  1. IFC Midnight/Sundance Selects
                                    1. Magnolia/Magnet
                                      1. Tribeca Film
                                      2. Domestically
                                      3. My target audience
                                        1. Who are they?
                                          1. My audience is targetted around the age group of 15+
                                            1. I have targetted my film to a young student audience as this could relate to their life
                                            2. A British audience
                                              1. Which companies distribute British films
                                                1. BBC
                                                  1. Film 4
                                                    1. Wrap Films
                                                      1. Vertigo Films
                                                          1. These all distribute social realism films
                                                            1. An example of a film these have distributed within this genre and do any of the issues relate to my film?
                                                              1. BBC
                                                                1. Bullet Boy
                                                                  1. Yes
                                                                2. Film 4
                                                                  1. Trainspotting
                                                                    1. Yes
                                                                  2. Vertigo Films
                                                                    1. This is England
                                                                      1. Yes
                                                                    2. Wrap Films
                                                                      1. London To Brighton
                                                                        1. Yes (age)
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