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The Rivals Quotes
1 "Men are all barbarians" Mrs Malaprop
2 "I should regard every mirthful moment in your absence as a treason to constancy" Faulkland
3 "The fortune is saddled with a wife" Sir Anthony
4 "If her love prove true and sterling ore" Faulkland
5 "All this is the natural consequence of teaching girls to read" Sir Anthony
6 "the pine-apple of politeness!" Mrs Malaprop
7 "Be assured I throw the original from my heart as easily!" Lydia
8 "My name is Saunderson, at your service." Jack
9 "Commend me to a mask of silliness." Lucy
10 "Whose intellectual accomplishments, elegant manners and unaffected learning no tongue is silent." Jack
11 "Slip, slide, coupee!" Bob Acre
12 "So mind, young people. Our retrospection will now be all to the future" Mrs Malaprop
13 "O, how unlike my Beverly!...Truly he seems a very negligent wooer!" Lydia
14 "My heart has long known no other guardian." Julia
15 "Twill be best to leave her as a toy for some less cautious fool to sigh for" Faulkland
16 "I'll give you my Delia into the bargain" Sir Lucius
17 "Man's social happiness all rests on us" Julia
18 "If you have the estate, you must take it with the livestock on it, as it stands!"
19 "Love guilds the scene, and women guide the plot." Julia
20 Look on her well does she seem form'd to teach? Should you expect to hear this lady preach?
21 She has a lapdog that eats out of gold, she feeds her parrot with small pearls, and all her thread-papers are made of bank-notes!
22 Heigh-ho!
23 My dearest Julia, how delighted am I! How unexpected was this happiness!
24 I signed it your friend unknown, showed it to Beverley, charged him with his falsehood, put myself in a violent passion, and vowed I'd never see him more.
25 Nay I do but jest
26 Obligation! Why, a water spaniel would have done as much!
27 I am so astonished! and so terrified! and so overjoyed!
28 How charming will poverty be with him!
29 So, then, I see I have been deceived by every one!
30 Commend me to a mask of silliness, and a pair of sharp eyes for my own interest under it!
31 Sure, Lucy can't have betrayed me! No, the girl is such a simpleton, I should have made her confess it.
32 O gemini!
33 I don't know any business you have to think at all. Thought does not become a young woman.
34 I am sure I hated your poor dear uncle before marriage as if he'd been a blackamoor and yet, miss, you are sensible what a wife I made!
35 The queen of the dictionary
36 Od's minims and crotchets!
37 Damm me if I ever call you Jack again.
38 Don't enter the same hemisphere with me! Don't dare to breathe the same air, or use the same light with me; but get an atmosphere and a sun of your own!
39 Unused to the fopperies of love, he is negligent of the little duties expected from a lover but being unhackneyed in the passion, his affection is ardent and sincere
40 You throw for a large stake, but losing, you could stake and throw again: but I have set my sum of happiness on this cast
41 What, and lose two-thirds of her fortune? you forget that, my friend.
42 my heart is engaged to an angel
43 Faith! sir, I am so confounded!—and—so—so—confused!
44 Oh, come to me—rich only thus—in loveliness!
45 What, you have been treating me like a child!—humouring my romance! and laughing, I suppose, at your success!
46 n beauty, that copy is not equal to you, but in my mind its merit over the original, in being still the same, is such—that—I cannot find in my heart to part with it.
47 The mutual tear that steals down the cheek of parting lovers is a compact, that no smile shall live there till they meet again.
48 And for person—I have often wished myself deformed, to be convinced that I owed no obligation there for any part of your affection.
49 I have been revolving, and reflecting, and considering on your past goodness, and kindness, and condescension to me
50 The cause of all this is L,O,V,E. Love, Thomas, who - as you may get read to you - has been a masquerader ever since the days of Jupiter
51 Yet stay!—Ay—she is coming now:—how little resolution there is in a woman!
52 Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge!
53 The heat of noon, the dews of the evening may endanger the life for whom only I value mine
54 Isn't there something unkind in this violent, robust, unfeeling health?
55 I wish the gout had held him fast in devonshire with all my soul! [enter sir Anthony] Sir, I am delighted to see you here, and looking so well!
56 If your mistress asks you whether Sir Lucius ever gave you a kiss, tell her fifty, my dear
57 I must rub up my balancing, and chasing, and boring
58 I fall as deep as need be in love with a young lady
59 Virtuous love, with a cherub's hand, will smooth the brow of upbraiding thought and pluck the thorn from compunction
60 If her love prove pure and sterling ore, my name will rest on it with honour! And once I've stamped it there, I lay aside my doubts forever
61 I'm so vexed that if I had not the prospect of a resource in being knocked 'o the head by and bye, I should scarce have spirits to tell you the cause
62 The little I have will be sufficient to support us; and exile never should be splendid
63 If you had called me a poltroon...I should have thought you were a very ill bred man
64 ill judging passion will force the gaudier rose into the wreath, whose thorn offends them, when its leaves are dropt!
65 How often have I stole forth in the coldest night in January and found him in the garden, stuck like a dripping statue
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