The Selection: Mind Map

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The Selection: Mind Map
1 Main Conflict:
1.1 Cause :America actually ends up getting picked for the Selection
1.2 : Aspen makes America sign up for the Selection.
2 Theme:
2.1 Message: Have confidence.
2.2 How brought out in book: America doesn't have confidence that she will win.
3 Setting:
3.1 Time: Almost 80 years into the future.
3.2 Location: Illea, The palace.
4 Characters:
4.1 Aspen:
4.1.1 Characteristic: Strong and knows what he wants.
4.2 Maxon:
4.2.1 Characteristic: Kind and calm
4.3 America:
4.3.1 Characteristic: Brave and independent.
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