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Germany Revision, Events and Information.

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1 The lean years, 1924-29
1.1 It won only 12 seats in election.
1.1.1 Party did not do well. There were disagreements when Hitler was in prison.
1.1.2 Reorganised the party to make more efficient.
2 Depression helped Hitler
2.1 Caused chaos in Germany
2.1.1 Government couldn't take control Unemployment was a big issue. Street battles were frequent.
3 Events 32-33
3.1 July - General Election made great violence
3.1.1 Communists VS Nazi's / 100 people died every fight. Hitler became Chancellor Hindumberg thought he could control Hitler. Reichstag fire, a naked communist was blamed at the scene
3.1.2 30th Jan 33 - Von Papen became Vice Chancellor
4 Removal of Oppositing 33-34
4.1 Chancellor - Tried to increase number of Nazi's
4.2 Got Hidenburg to dissolve the Reichstag.
4.3 Enabling Act - March-33
4.3.1 Give him right to pass law for 4 years. However needs majority vote. Hitler ordered SA to continue intimidating the ops. 81 communist members of Reichstag was expelled. Enabling act got 441 votes to 91. Was given power for 4 years.
4.4 Banning Trade Unions
4.4.1 Weaken communist workers. 23rd of March
5 Reichstag Fire Feb - 33.
5.1 Marinus van der Lubbe was arrested for "crime"
5.1.1 Nazi's blamed the communists.
5.1.2 H told Hindenberg to pass emergency law. Using law 1000 communisms put in prison Still didn't have majority of votes.
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