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Volcanoes from Geography module 'Restless Earth' Including a case study.

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1 Volcanoes
1.1 Montserrat
1.1.1 Causes Mount Soufriere Composite Volcano Layers of ash and lava Violent Previously dormant Destructive plate boundary North and South american plates under Caribbean plate
1.1.2 Effects Short term 19 deaths 100+ injured 7 Villages destroyed Infrastructure + homes dest. Airport + Ports destroyed Health services unable to cope Sewage Systems Long Term Homes roads etc took a long time to be rebuit Environmental damage Beaches Forests Habitats destroyed Coral reef Lung disease Ash Skills Shortage Over dependence on handouts Population fell
1.1.3 Wider Imapacts Economy Decimated Evacuees in unsafe camps for long periods of time Tourism impacted New volcano tourism Housing shortages Increases in rents Ongoing minor eruptions Serious lahars following heavy rain
1.1.4 Responses 5000 people evacuated UK provided aid Royal Navy evacuated people to antigua Offered £2500 to move to UK Red Cross New monitoring stations LEDC
2 Composite
2.1 destructive plate margins
2.2 magma in the subduction zone under great pressure
2.3 subsidary cones
2.4 irregular eruptions
2.5 viscous lava
2.6 lava + ash
2.7 violent eruptions
3 Shield
3.1 constructive plate margins
3.1.1 magma rises to fill plate gap
3.2 regular, frequent eruptions
3.3 runny
3.4 not explosive
3.5 gentle slope
3.6 made of lava
4 Supervolcanoes
4.1 1000 x bigger
4.2 Lots of ash
4.2.1 Global cooling
4.3 magma chamber collapses after eruption
4.3.1 Huge Caldera
5 Predicting eruptions
5.1 tiltmeters
5.1.1 bulges
5.1.2 Slopes
5.2 Satellites
5.2.1 Measure heat
6 Pyroclastic flow is a fast moving current of very hot gas and lava
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