How Does Your Product Engage With Audiences And How Would It Be Distributed As A Real Media Text?


Mind Map on How Does Your Product Engage With Audiences And How Would It Be Distributed As A Real Media Text?, created by Shayan Kazi on 03/19/2015.
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How Does Your Product Engage With Audiences And How Would It Be Distributed As A Real Media Text?
  1. A Film Distributor Is A Company Or Individual Responsible For The Marketing And Distribution Of The Final Product/Film. The Distributor May Be In-charge Of Key Elements In The Process Of Distributing The Film
    1. Elements Such As Release Dates For Specific Regions And How Exactly The Product Will Be Exhibited (Viewed). The Film Could Be Viewed In Cinemas Or Go Directly To Home Video (DVD, video-on-demand, download, television programs through broadcast syndication etc.)
      1. Though It Is Very Rare That A Film Goes Directly To Video
        1. The Film Institution Of My Choice Is Warner Brothers
          1. Warner Brothers Is A Large Media Conglomerate And Is Part Of The World’s Six Largest Media Conglomerates. Thus, Is Capable Of Producing As Well As Marketing And Distributing It’s Own Films
            1. The Studio Had Record Breaking Success In All It’s Businesses. 2013 Was The Most Successful Theatrical Year In Company History. Warner Bros. Pictures Grossed An Industry-Leading $5.038 Billion In Global Box Office ($1.893 Billion Domestic, $3.145 International) To Take The Number One Positions In Domestic, International And Worldwide Box Office
              1. Warner Brothers Top 10 Highest Grossing Films
              2. It Is Preferred By Warner Brothers Because It Usually Requires A High Budget (Which They Have No Issues With) And Grosses In Hundreds Of Millions
                1. The Action Genre Is One Of The Main Genres Warner Brother Produces And Distributes. It Is Also One Of The Highest Grossing If Not The Most Highest Grossing Genre
                  1. The Action Genre
                    1. The Films I Used As Inspiration For My Film Was Bad Boys. My Final Final Product Tries To Roughly Follow The Narrative Of The Opening Sequence Of Bad Boys (1995)
                      1. My Reference Films From My Genre And Institution Are "Edge Of Tomorrow" and "Into The Storm"
                        1. I Used "Into The Storm" As A Reference Because It Was A Fairly Low Budget Film And Grossed Near $160 Million
                          1. I Used "Edge Of Tomorrow" As A Reference Because It Had A High Budget And Had Immense Success, Thus Grossed Much More Than "Into The Storm
                            1. Both These Movies Were Marketed And Distributed By Warner Brothers. My Film Would Also Be Marketed And Distributed By One Company For Higher Grossing And Success
                              1. The Engagement With Audiences Was By Uploading The Products Behind The Scene's Videos, Rushes And Bloopers. The Video Is Available For The Public On Vimeo And Has Been Shared On Social Platforms Such As Facebook
                                1. The Posters For The Product Was Created To Reach Audiences Who Cannot Access Video Material And Also To Engage With Audiences On Social Web Sites
                                  1. I've Referenced "Into The Storm" Because, Like My Film, The Film Was Shot Low Budget (Relatively)
                          2. My Action Movie Was Created To Appeal To The Public And Be A High Grossing Film
                            1. If We Look At The Action Movies By Warner Brothers, They're Targeted At A Young Audience
                              1. My Product Is Also Created With Such An Audience In Mind
                                1. Action Movies Produced By Warner Brothers, They Have A Certain Feel Of Drama Or Complexity To The Story Line Which Erupts In The End
                                  1. I Believe My Product Also Has A Fair Ammount Of Complexity To The Story Line And There's A Clear Climax At The End Of The Sequence
                                  2. Audience Feedback Of The Final Product
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