Science GCSE: P1 Space and the earth

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Science GCSE: P1 Space and the earth
1 P1: Space and the Earth
1.1 Solar System
1.1.1 Whats in space? Planets Dwarf Planets Pluto Large lumps of rock, to small to be planets 8 planets Orbit round the sun Comets Erratic Elliptical Ice and Rocks Asteroids Asteroid Belt Rocks Galaxies Milky way Billions of stars
1.1.2 Universe Expanding Red shift Big Bang Cosmic Radiation Stephen Hawkins
1.1.3 Nuclear Fusion Hydrogen Nucle collide Hydrogen made heavier elemts made supernovae
1.2 Tectonic Plates
1.2.1 Plate Boundaries Earthquakes Volcanoes Fold mountains Trenches Magnetic Stripes earth changes polarity
1.2.2 Seismic Waves P-waves longitudanal travels through solid and liquid S-Waves transverse can travel only travel through solids Picked up by a seisometer
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