SAB4#154 Professional & Social Responsibility

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SAB4#154 Professional & Social Responsibility
1 PMI-isms
1.1 You will not get involved with PMI to promote your own business
1.1.1 You have a duty of loyalty to PMI. When acting on behalf of a PMI chapter, you will keep the best interest of PMI in mind, not your own best interest When contracting for services for the chapter, you will provide equal access for all to submit proposals and not keep the work for your own company or your friends You will not let anyone cheat on the apllication for the PMP exam You wil not let anyone copy PMP exam prep material or perform other illegal behavior You will not disclose questions on the PMP exam You will promote PMI and the PMP exam within your organization
2 Make decision based on the best interests of the company rather than your own best interest
2.1 Only accept assignments you are qualified to complete
2.1.1 Protect proprietary information Report unethical behavior and violations Maintain an attitude of mutual cooperation Respect cultural differences Engage in goot faith negotiations Be direct in dealing with conflict Do not use your power or position to influence others for your own benefit Act impartially without bribery Conitnuously look for conflicts of interest and disclose them Do not discriminate against others Try to understand the truth Be truthful in all communications, and create an environment where others tell the truth
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