Judicial Review

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Process of Judicial Review.

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Judicial Review
1 Permission stage
1.1 Public Body/ Authority
1.1.1 HRA s6
1.1.2 Function,Funding,Establisnment (Statute?)
1.2 D/O/A
1.3 Time Limit-3mnths
1.4 Public Law Matter
1.5 Prima Facie Case
1.6.1 INDIVIDUAL HRA s7= v/p.v.test Senior Courts Act= S.I. Test
1.6.2 Satndard JR
1.6.3 3rd party intervener/friend of the courts: up to the courts to accept info
1.6.4 Claimant Group
1.7 Exhausted Appeals
2 Grounds
2.1 llegality
2.1.1 Traditional Error of Law Error of Precedent Fact Irrational Conclusion as to fact Power for improper purpose Duty as opposed to discretion (could be error of law) Unlawful Delelgation of Power/ Dictaion Fettering of Discretion Failure to take into acount relevant considerations
2.1.2 HRA/ECHR Breach of HRA Pub Auth act in a way that complies with ECHR right unless Parl. via Prim. Leg. authorises or requires Pub. Auth. to act in a way that is incompatible with ECHR Right? been complied with? any restrictions? Lack of compliance been authorised by statue? YES= decision not unlawful NO= decision not lawful Uk law incompatible with ECHR
2.2 Unreasonableness/ Irrationality
2.2.1 Wednesbury test
2.2.2 Refined in CCSU/ GCSU by Lord Diplock to Irrationality
2.2.3 overlap with other grounds of review
2.2.4 Proportionality in context of ECHR
2.3 Procedural impropriety
2.3.1 Breach of Stat. duty Mandatory Directory Rules of natural justice (common/ case law) Right to Know case against you a D-maker free from bias(or the appearance of ) to be heard Cicumstancial to be or to cross examine to be represented knowreasons related to decision Disappointment of legitimate expectation Procedure- common practise Substantive Benefit- like estoppel I private law detrimental reliance only place where you can get what you wanted in the 1st place
3 Remedies
3.1 Old
3.1.1 Quashing order
3.1.2 Prohibiting order
3.1.3 Mandatory order
3.2 New
3.2.1 Injunctions
3.2.2 Declaration
3.2.3 Dec. of incompatibility
3.2.4 S8-Compensation Discretionary
3.3 Current Reforms
3.3.1 Criminal Justice & Courts Act 2015 Sec 84 can refuse remedy if outcome wouldn't have been substantially different
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