Classifications of Law

Renee van den Broek
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Classifications of Law including public law and private law

Renee van den Broek
Created by Renee van den Broek over 3 years ago
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Classifications of Law
1 Public Law
1.1 Constitutional Law
1.1.1 Derived from constitution. Guides the duties and powers of government, and duties and rights of citizens
1.2 Adimistrative Law
1.2.1 provides rules about how govt depts/agencies operate in administering the law
1.3 Revenue Law
1.3.1 Taxation, regulates individuals' payment to the state
1.4 Criminal Law
1.4.1 enforcement of laws by the state
2 Private Law
2.1 Commercial Law
2.1.1 Contractual issues, formation, management of coporations
2.1.2 Fair trading Act 1986, Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
2.2 Property Law
2.2.1 Buying, renovating and selling of residential properties
2.2.2 Property Law Act 2007, Residential Tenancies Act 1986
2.3 Tort Law
2.3.1 Action brought by one individual against another
2.3.2 Negligence, nussiance and defamation
2.4 Family Law
2.4.1 Divorce, child custody, adoption, Wills, Estates
2.4.2 Marriage Act 1955, Property (Relationships) Act 1976
2.5 Environmental Law
2.5.1 To ensure environment is used in a productive and sustainable way
2.5.2 Prevention of disasters
2.6 Equity (Trusts and Succession)
2.6.1 Alternative to common law, more about fairness, achieve justice between parties
2.6.2 Family Protection Act 1955

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