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the act of raising money for the funding of work carried out by a charity by asking for it Source:!prettyPhoto

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2 Techniques
2.1 Trusts and Foundations
2.1.1 Trustees or Group of funders Set up by Private individuals Major donar An individual that can donate an amount that makes a large impact to the charities work perseverance and patience What is their MOTIVATION Legacy funding Leaving gift in your will Donors like to see values of the charity Look for long term charities that will be living up to expectations Would l ike to hear more about the BIG PICTURE behind the charity's long term ambitions The WHY!!! behind the charity TALK POSITIVES RATHER THAN NEGATIVES Pledges are not definite Pecuniary Legacy Donation of set amount Looses value over time Residual Legacy % of what is left Retains value over time Long term funding for charities MD = Average annual donation x 20 or 25 Solicitation process Identify and Research Plan Engage Ask Stewardship project info, weekly emails, annual report Why donate? event invites, board, commitee,visits, meetings portfolio Accurate data Ethics of controversial donors National lottery Family trusts Distribution of personal donations Sainsburys family trust Companies Distribute donations from company profit Santander foundation Shell Foundation Livery company funds Supports close to their memebership Community foundation Endowment pots Local area Letters Proposals Grants Professional donars
2.1.2 Donate money inves funds: make donations on the interest
2.1.3 Criteria is different for every trust or foundation so apply to each individually Eligability? Educaction Local project Particular size Familiar charities
2.2 Direct Marketing
2.2.1 Large groups One off donations Continual donation
2.2.2 Types Email SMS Letter through door door drops Telephone call Appeal in news paper inserts in magazines online appeal Radio TV Legacy Funding Specialist solicitors Will advice Support for members Annual legacy conference annual fund membership special appeals
2.2.3 Static Funding and Collection Leaving tin at a shop Face to face fundraising Street bucket collection poditioning of fundraisers dependant on target Door to door Look for long term charities that will be living up to expectations Gather a sense of numbers who would be interested in leaving a legacy Pledges are not definite
2.2.4 ultimate aim gift to charity
2.2.5 Target donars profitable and personal relationship recruitment engagement/re-engage long term returns are high life time value of donors £, projects, how it will be used segment into groups to increase chance of donations recencey frequency and value tool can measure response analyse response to create higher sucess can generate lots of info on the donors over the years time, planning and good data base, accuracy age, gender, how &why, types of interest generic or specific feedback to suit
2.3 Corporate fundraising
2.3.1 PARTNERSHIP = WIN WIN BASES can rais funds and profile of organisation Charity of the year Match funding Sponser events cause related marketing Gifts in kind Free advice Legal Financial Specialist solicitors Take care with VAT Increasing company sales Brand differation Enhancing brand image Improved employee recruitment Shared values with target markets Moral and retention Enhanced government relations Branded company bases Reaches new customer segments linking with communities Improving goodwill
2.3.2 Variety of options and motivations direct donation Staff Payroll Giving Give as you earn Office donations Volunteering Pro bono gift Collecting funds in shops Selling merchandise Discretionary addition to bill cause related marketing project PUBLICITY New supporters More income Shares sponsor events etc Goods or products Gift in kind
2.3.3 Projects
2.3.4 scholarship
2.3.5 items minibus
2.3.6 What are companies worried about
2.3.7 What are your objectives? raise funds Increase brand awareness Find new doors FITTING TOGETHER VALUES BRAND OBJECTIVES STRUCTURES SIZE ETHICS! ETHICS POLICY Opportunity to influence change
2.3.8 How donation will be used in terms of economic benefot
2.4 Community fundraising
2.4.1 Events New individual donars Gives donor, volunteers etc recognition for their support Volunteers recruitment Work and time scale Planning skills think ahead diplomatic enjoy working with people motivation? private/public themes Gala Villiage fairs Bake sale Sporting Fun runs Challenge events 3 peaks challenge Tough Mudder 3rd party event Triathelon marathon 3rd party event dragon boat races Cultural musical live music religious Christmas carol concerts parties Ball cocktail party product launch parties planning smart objective cost/benefit budget 3 quotes how to raise funds additional costs calculate break even point tax time scales commitees Gantt chart risk assessment bad weather public transport failure power failure lack of safety equipment helps having a back up plan guests venue materials needed clear directions to volunteers evaluation phase monitor objectives thank yous feedback forms
2.4.2 Raise awareness, profile and funds. EDUCATE, networking validity and reliability
2.4.3 schools
2.4.4 Clubs
2.4.5 Rotary clubs
2.4.6 Professional Networks
2.4.7 Volunteering
2.4.8 Pub Quiz
2.4.9 Sponsoring individuals in a community doing an event
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