Human Rights

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Human Rights
1 1914-1929 Women Rights- Voting
1.1 1918-white women gained right to vote in federal elections (takes place in 1919)
1.1.1 Military Voters Act of 1917 nurses could vote women in the military could vote
1.1.2 Jan. 1 1919 all women over 21 can vote
1.1.3 Wartime Election Act women with husbands/sons/fathers in military could vote
1.2 1916-women start to be able to vote in provincial elections
1.3 1920-Women are allowed to run in the federal elections
1.3.1 Agnes Campbell MacPhail-first women to sit in House of Commons
1.4 Women's Christian Temperance Union
1.4.1 Nellie McClung staged mock parliament where women were in charge 1921- elected to Alberta legislature 1916-women suffrage bill passed in Manitoba
1.4.2 ban alcohol
2 1991-present Same-sex marriage legalized
2.1 2003 8/10 provinces 1/3 territories legalize same-sex marriage
2.1.1 2005 federal law legalizing same-sex marriage all over Canada fourth in the world
2.2 first gay couple married
2.2.1 June 10 2003 Michael Stark and Michael Leshner
2.3 Pride Parades
2.3.1 helped lead to legalization of same-sex marriage and other rights
3 1946-1990 Aboriginal Land Claims
3.1 1990-Oka Crisis
3.1.1 Quebec
3.1.2 wanted to build a golf course of Mohawk grounds Mohawks crested roadblock 78 day armed standoff Mohawks, Quebec police, and Canadian Forces
3.2 1990-James Bay Hydro Project
3.2.1 company tried to put in a dam that would flood 500 km of Cree's land
3.3 Indian Claims Commission
3.4 1990-Mercier Bridge outside of the Kahnawake Reserve in Quebec
3.4.1 hundreds of Quebeckers invaded the reserve
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