Stem Cell Technology

Suzanne Kerruish
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Suzanne Kerruish
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mind map for ethical and moral thoughts about stem cell technology

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Stem Cell Technology
  1. what are stem cells?
    1. unspecialised cells = no special function
      1. Totipotent = can become any sort of cell from that species
    2. where do they come from?
      1. spare embryos from IVF
        1. Ethical & Moral issues
          1. spare embryos are used from IVF
            1. Uk law has allowed embryos to be created soley for stem cell research
              1. key ethical consideration is the moral viewpoint of the embryo
                1. when does an embryo become a human life?
                2. should embryos still be used as alternatives are available?
              2. adult bone marrow, fat tissue or blood
                1. babies' umbilical cords
                2. Benefits of Stem Cell developments
                  1. Replace diseased and damaged tissues
                    1. treat leukaemia
                      1. different forms of cancer
                        1. wound damage
                          1. Brain damage
                            1. diabetes
                              1. baldness
                                1. spinal cord injuries
                                  1. degenerative conditions
                                    1. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
                                    2. Regenerative - organs
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