Momentum & Collisions

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IGCSE Physics (Forces And Motion) Mind Map on Momentum & Collisions, created by Noah Swanson on 03/24/2015.

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Momentum & Collisions
1 P=mv
1.1 Momentum(kg m/s) = Mass(kg) X Velocity(m/s)
2 Momentum is a vector because it has size and direction
3 Total Momentum before collision = Total Momentum after collision
4 Forces & Momentum
4.1 A force acting on an object can cause a change in momentum
4.1.1 A larger change in force results in a faster change in momentum
4.1.2 A smaller change in force results in a slower change in momentum
4.2 Momentum in a car crash
4.2.1 In a car crash the momentum of a person changes very quickly so the force that affects them will be very large and likely to cause injury So cars are now designed to slow people down over a longer period of time to reduce the force Some examples of these features are: Crumple zones Seat belts Air Bags
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