Empirical formula

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Empirical formula
1 Molecular formula
1.1 actual ratio in which atoms combine
1.2 relative Molecular mass (Mr)
1.2.1 can be found using mass spectrometer
1.2.2 is equal to sum of relative atomic mass (Ar) of all the atoms relative atomic mass (Ar) is the mass of atom as compared to carbon-12 atom
1.3 simple multiple (n) of emperical formula
1.3.1 n = relative molecular mass (Mr) / emperical mass molecular formula = n x emperical formula
2 simplest ratio in which atoms combine
3 empirical mass
4 can be found by experiment
4.1 steps
4.1.1 find the ratio of actual mass of elements
4.1.2 convert mass ratio to mole ratio no of moles = given mass / mass of 1 mole
4.1.3 reduce mole ratio to simplest ratio
4.1.4 write empirical formula from simples mole ratio

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