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mapa mental, administración de Proyectos y Procesos (2015)

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1 The strategic Impact of Process
1.1 The New World
1.1.1 Rapid pace of change
1.1.2 High levels of novelty
1.1.3 Extreme complexity
1.2 Driving factors
1.2.1 Intensifies competition in every sector
1.2.2 Global marketplaces
1.2.3 Smarter customer (and better competition)
1.2.4 New technologies
2 Succeed
2.1 Speed to market
2.2 Cost management
2.3 Customer happiness
2.4 Innovation
2.5 Rapid response to external turbulence
3 Principles
3.1 You are what you DO
3.2 Structure is a weak lever of change
3.3 Strategy is based on operating capabilities
3.4 Strategy is a process
3.5 Yesterday will not be like tomorrow
3.6 You are either getting either or getting worse
3.7 All work is process work
4 Process 201
4.1 Process: end-to-end work across the enterprise
4.1.1 customer value
4.1.2 Structure
4.2 The iron triangle of customer/result/process
4.3 Every organization has processes
5 Two flavors of process Payoff
5.1 Tactical
5.1.1 Streamlining
5.1.2 Discipline
5.1.3 Alignment
5.1.4 New technologies
5.2 Strategic
5.2.1 Platfo for growth
5.2.2 Coherent work
5.2.3 Agility in t face of change

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