Rational and Exponential Functions

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Rational and Exponential Functions
1 Growth factor of an exponential function: growth factor is greater than 1
2 Exponential growth function: the quantity increases, slowly at first, and then very rapidly. The rate of change increases over time. The rate of growth becomes faster as time passes.
3 Rational function: is any function which can be defined by a rational fraction
4 Horizontal & Vertical Asymptotes of Rational Functions: Vertical asymptotes are vertical lines which correspond to the zeroes of the denominator of a rational function.
5 Initial amount for an exponential function: starting amount before the rate
6 Exponential decay function: the quantity decreases very rapidly at first, and then more slowly. The rate of change decreases over time.
7 Decay factor of an exponential function: the decay factor is 0 < b < 1
8 Horizontal Asymptotes of Exponential Functions
9 End behavior of a graph with asymptotes: for numerically large values of x, we can sometimes model the behavior of a complicated function by a simpler one that acts virtually in the same way
10 Y-intercept of an exponential function
11 Exponential function: f (x) = abx
12 Compound Interest Formula: A=P(1+r/n)nt
13 Continuous Compounding: the process of earning interest on top of interest. The interest is earned constantly, and immediately begins earning interest on itself.
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