Cells and Cell structure

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Cells and Cell structure
1 Most animal and plant cells have the following parts
1.1 Nucleus
1.1.1 Contains genetic material and controls the activities of the cell
1.2 Cytoplasm
1.2.1 Gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions
1.3 Cell membrane
1.3.1 Controls what goes in and out of the cell
1.4 Mitochondria
1.4.1 Where most of the reactions for respiration take place. Respiration release energy that the cells need to work
1.5 Ribosomes
1.5.1 Where the proteins are made in the cell
2 Plant Cells
2.1 Chloroplasts
2.1.1 Absorb light energy to make food. Where photosynthesis occurs
2.2 Permanente vacuole
2.2.1 Filled with cell sap
2.3 Cell wall
2.3.1 Made of cellulose, it supports the cell and strengthens it.
3 Yeast Cell
3.1 Single-celled organism
3.2 Nucleus
3.3 Cytoplasm
3.4 cell membrane
3.5 Cell wall
4 Bacteria Cells
4.1 Single-celled organism
4.2 Cell membrane
4.3 Cell wall
4.4 Genetic material
4.5 Cytoplasm
5 Different cells are specialised for different functions
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