Current, voltage and resistance

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Current, voltage and resistance
1 charge and current
1.1 electric current is the rate of flow of electric charge.
1.2 no current can flow if the circuit is broken.
1.3 an electric current flows when electrons move through a conductor.
2 calculating current
2.1 current = charge / time in seconds
2.1.1 current (I) is measured in A
2.1.2 Charge (Q) is measured in C
2.1.3 time is measured in s
3 resistance
3.1 increases as - length of wire increases, thickness of wire decreases
3.2 Voltage = current x resistance
3.2.1 V = I x R
3.2.2 Voltage is measured in V
3.2.3 current is measured in A
3.2.4 resistance is measured in ohms
4 calculating energy transferred
4.1 energy transferred = potential difference x charge
4.1.1 E = V x Q
4.1.2 energy is measured in J
4.1.3 potential difference is measured in V
4.1.4 charge is measured in C
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