Individual and Society- The Crucible

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Individual and Society- The Crucible
1 John Proctor
1.1 Goes against the court
1.1.1 trying to stay out of proceedings did ultimately drag him into the problem
1.2 Distrusted in the theocratic society
1.2.1 Does not attend church regularly Seen as rejecting religion
1.3 Broken social rules there is pressure to ensure nobody knows
1.3.1 Secret affair
1.3.2 Didn't want to blacken his name
2 Society destroyed by individuals
2.1 Confessions from the girls
2.2 Hale
2.2.1 Years of study of witchcraft Pulled community apart
3 Theocracy rules society and represses individuals
3.1 Caused the girls to dance in the woods
3.1.1 Against puritan religion
3.1.2 Pressure to conform Giles Corey's wife should only read the Bible
3.2 Abigail's feelings for John were not expressed
4 people take pleasure in others being ridiculed
4.1 Settle grudges and conflicts
5 Danforth
5.1 Pressure to denounce family and friends
5.1.1 Proctor denounces wife and admits adultery
6 Standing up against the powers of the church and the court seen as the work of the devil
6.1 Every defense taken as an attack on the court
6.1.1 Petition of 91 names
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