Phil HL - Religious Language - The Theory of Meaning

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Philosophy HL - Religious Language - The Theory of Meaning

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Phil HL - Religious Language - The Theory of Meaning
1 We make propositions
1.1 Religious propositions are often contradictory
1.1.1 God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
1.2 God is beyond our experience
1.3 We cannot measure his attributes
1.3.1 Jeremy is trendy/God is transcendent
1.4 We describe God in human terms
1.4.1 The Lord spoke into Moses...
2 What is a meaningful sentence?
2.1 Have recognisable words
2.2 These recognisable words must be put together to make gramatical sense
2.3 It must communicate something
2.4 must make sense without a context
2.5 Mustn't contradict
3 A. J. Ayer
3.1 Influenced by
3.1.1 The Vienna Circle (Logical Positivists)
3.1.2 Ludwig Wittgenstein
3.1.3 language is only meaningful if it is confined to discussing what falls within human experience
3.2 Defended the Verification Principle
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