Protein Synthesis

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Protein Synthesis
1 Gene
1.1 Section of DNA
1.2 Intstructions
1.2.1 Specific Protein
2 Proteins
2.1 Amino Acids
2.1.1 String of Amino Acids In a particular order
2.1.2 20 different amino acids
2.2 Helps to make all other things
2.2.1 Only things not made of proteins
3 Bases
3.1 Tell the cells which order to put the amino acids together
3.2 Triplets
3.2.1 Set of three bases
3.2.2 Codes for a particular amino acid
4 Ribosomes
4.1 Organelles
4.2 Cell cytoplasm
5 mRNA
5.1 Similar to DNA
5.1.1 Shorter and only a single strand
5.2 Messenger
5.2.1 Between nucleus and the ribosome
6 Mutations
6.1 Harmful
6.1.1 Genetic Disorder eg, Cystic Fibrosis
6.2 Beneficial
6.2.1 New characteristic eg, resistant to antibiotics Which is beneficial to the organism
6.3 Neutral
6.3.1 Neither harmful or beneficial
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