History - The roaring 20's

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History - The roaring 20's
1 Isolationism
1.1 Not involved in the League of nations
1.2 Tariff Policy
1.2.1 Foreign goods more expesive
1.2.2 Encouraged foreign governments to also
1.3 Mass Production: Background
1.3.1 Huge resources
1.3.2 Growing population, immigrants willing to work hard
1.4 Mass Production
1.4.1 Henry Ford's Assembly Line Produced in one tenth of the time Price of cars went down. Wages went up
1.5 Consumer Industries and Advertising
1.5.1 Household goods - vacuum cleaners & washing machines
1.5.2 Mail order catalogues, billboards, newspapers, radio.
1.5.3 credit / hire purchase
2 Finance
2.1 Buy shares in companies. Banks lent money
2.1.1 Hire purchase - pay a deposit
2.2 Entertainment Industries
2.2.1 Films became a national obsession Cinemas Hollywood became a multi-million dollar industy
2.2.2 Jazz Music Spread by radio and gramophone records
2.2.3 Radios spread sports popularity
2.3 Rich Versus Poor
2.3.1 Farmers had to produce more than was needed
2.3.2 African Americans - lost their jobs
2.3.3 Not all industries benefited - coal declined due to electricity.
2.3.4 Children worked long hours for low wages
3 Segregation
3.1 The Ku Klux Klan
3.1.1 Although slavery had been abolished, segregation was legal in the South
3.1.2 They terrorised African Americans
3.1.3 Targeted Catholics and Jews
3.1.4 The courts were on the whites side
3.2 Immigration controls
3.2.1 Concentrate in ghettos, high crime rate
3.2.2 Immigrants provided cheap labour, so competition for jobs
3.2.3 New political ideas like communism
3.3 Jim Crow Laws
3.3.1 Make sure the African American people remained inferior
3.3.2 White comedian made fun of African American
4 Prohibition
4.1 After the wall street it was easier to end
4.1.1 Rososevelt promised to cancel the law
4.1.2 It made legal jobs to stop unemployment
4.2 It was not a success, impossible to enforce
4.2.1 There was illegal brewing
4.2.2 The alcohol trade was driven underground
4.2.3 Illegal bars opened up
4.2.4 Bootleggers made large amounts smuggling it
4.3 Gangs were set up forming schemes
4.3.1 The police didn't dare intervene
4.4 Al Capone controlled Chicago through bribary
4.4.1 His gang gunned 6 men
4.4.2 Very violent man. Seen as a celebrity
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