Who was Adolf Hitler?


Who was Adolf Hitler? Also including the changes he made to the 'German Worker's Party'
William Davenport
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Who was Adolf Hitler?
  1. 1889: Adolf Hitler was born
    1. 1899: He leaves choir school
      1. 1903: His father dies. His dad beat him previously
        1. 1905: He leaves school
          1. 1906: He fails his exam
            1. 1907: His mother dies of breast cancer (Jewish doctor told him). He moves to Vienna
              1. 1913: Moves to Munich at the outbreak of WWI. He enlists in the German army
                1. 1914: Hitler is fighting in the trenches for the Germans
                  1. 1918: The Germans are defeated at the end of WWI
                    1. 1919: He was wounded at the end of WWI
    2. Hitler decided to join the German Worker's party as he would hear their speeches at the beer hall and he agreed with that they said.
      1. They talked about how Germany shouldn't stick with 'The Treaty of Versailles' and Hitler strongly agreed with this.
        1. Hitler had been a soldier and was not afraid of the threat of war.
          1. Changes Hitler made
            1. More advertisements
              1. Bought a newspaper
                1. To show and publicise Nazi views
              2. Went for speeches across Europe
                1. Convinced people of the Nazi views through his good speaking skills
                2. Convinced people that he was one of the founders
          2. Hitler included some ideas into his programme even though he didn't believe them because he wanted to impress and gain the public's vote. He knew that once he had gained people's vote, he could make changes to his programme that would suit him and what he truly believed in.
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