Mood Disorders


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Mood Disorders
  1. Depression: state in which a person feels overwhelmed with sadness, loses interest in act., and displays other symptoms such as excessive guilt or feelings of worthlessness
    1. Unable to experience pleasure
      1. Researchers indicate difficulty concentrating and subtle changes in short-term memories...first signs of on sight depression
        1. MDD: an episode of intense sadness that may last for several months
          1. psychotic: defective or lost contact with reality
          2. Dysthymia: involves less intense sadness (and related symptoms) but persists with little relief for a period of 2yrs or more
          3. Mania & Bipolar Depression
            1. Mania: a state in which the person becomes euphoric or "high," extremely active, excessively talkative, and easily distracted
              1. ppl in a manic state sometimes become aggressive and hostile toward others as their self-confidence grows
                1. Bipolar Disorder: a mood disorder in which periods of mania and depression alternate, sometimes w/ periods of normal mood intervening
                  1. BP 1: Mania/Mixed Episode +/- Depression
                    1. BP 2: Hypomania Episode + Depression
                  2. Hypomania: ...lasting at least 4 days. Not severe enough to cause distress
                2. Causes
                  1. Bio Factors: consistent evi. that genetic factors play imp. role in development of depression
                    1. Twin Studies
                      1. research linked mood disorders to certain chemical imbalances w/in brain (high or low levels of cert. neurotransmitters)
                      2. Psycho Factors: Maladaptive Cognitive Distortions: illogical response to early neg. life events that lead to feelings of incompetence and unworthiness
                        1. Social Factors: Freud viewed depression as a result from excessive and irrational grief over a real or "symbolic" loss
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