Diagnosis and symptoms of depression

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A mind map describing the symptoms of depression and how it is diagnosed.

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Diagnosis and symptoms of depression
1 Symptoms
1.1 Unipolar depression
1.1.1 The depressive symptoms affect 4 key domains: 1) Affective domain (emotions) Sad, depressed mood 2) Cognitive domain (ability to concentrate, rationalise, thoughts about themselves & intentions) Feelings of worthlessness/ negative self thoughts Difficulty concentrating Suicidal thoughts 3) Behavioural domain (behaviour, activities and psychomotor movement) Lethargic/agitated psychomotor movements Loss of interest in pleasurable activities Insomnia/hypersomnia 4) Physical domain (any physical changes) Weight loss or gain Loss of energy/fatigue
1.2 Bipolar depression
1.2.1 Since bipolar is periods of both depression and mania, the symptoms for the depressive period is the same for that of unipolar depression. However, there are separate symptoms for the periods of mania Symptoms of mania include: Elated/irritable mood Increased participation on pleasurable activities, e.g. drinking, drugs Usual talkativeness/rapid speech Distractibility; attention easily diverted Less than usual amount of sleep needed Inflated self esteem, e.g. believing that you have special talents Increased activity level at work; socially or sexually Flight of ideas/ thoughts racing
2 Diagnosis
2.1 DSM-IV
2.1.1 Unipolar depression Must have 5 or more of the given symotoms (below) during the same 2 week period, at least one of which must be depressed mood or loss of interest in pleasurable activities
2.1.2 Bipolar depression Same as unipolar for the depressive symptoms Must have 3 or more of the given mania symptoms (below) as well as 5 or more of the depressive symptoms, at least one of which is elevated/irritable mood.
3 Bipolar depression facts
3.1 It affects rought 1% of the population
3.2 Affects both genders equally
3.3 Onset is early 20's
4 Unipolar depression facts
4.1 Affects 5% of the population
4.2 More prevalent in women than men
4.2.1 Might be due to hormones
4.2.2 Women may seek help more than men
4.3 Onset is late 20's

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