Ghazal- Mimi Khalvati

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Ghazal- Mimi Khalvati
1 Ghazal Poems
1.1 rhyming couplet which also feature a refrain
1.1.1 refrain is a repeated phrase word or line. For this poem it is "me"
1.2 all the same metre. for this poem its 12 syllables p/line
1.3 each couplet is a singular thought or idea and each couplet doesn't have to link to the previous ones or the ones that follow
1.4 6th century arabic verse linked to Islamic sect of Sufism
1.5 should always aim to find the divine way and perfect way to reach God/allah
1.6 poet should be writing to both a mortal love that is unattainable as well as divine love for God which brings completion to the poet. So the poem should be aimed at the unrequited lover and divine God
2 If I am the grass and you the breeze, blow through me"
2.1 grass is a fixed constant and noun, breeze is an abstract noun that is free. Grass depends on other things to live, whereas the breeze doesn't. Breeze/unrequited lover is empowered
2.2 "grass"= Earth "breeze"= Heaven "blow through me"= breathe of God
3 If I am the rose and you the bird, then woo me
3.1 rose is an organic symbol which needs the bird in pollination in order to survive
3.2 bird is a metaphor of God and the woo me part is God calling her to her faith and telling her not to be distracted by the world.
4 If you are the rhyme and i the refrain, don't hang on my lips, come and i'll come too, when you cue me.
4.1 refrain is a constant repeat... all that on her mind,
4.2 hang on my lips- can't find the words, doesn't know what to say
4.3 ambiguity and overtly sexual
4.4 when you cue me- power and direction to the man, she moves and speaks only when he tells her
4.5 could be God- directing and controlling her and putting the words into her mouth
5 If yours is the iron fist in the velvet glove when the arrow flies, the heart is pierced, tattoo me.
5.1 iron fist- defiance and velvet glove- femininity almost oxymoronic- 2 sides to her the defiant and soft side or male vs her
5.2 arrow flies- suggest that he is the archer that will pierce her heart- damage her and that he is powerful and dangerous.
5.3 the heart is pierced- metaphor, damaged and emotive. Tattoo me- suggest physical/internal markings or scars that will/has happened should this love continue or start
6 If mine is the venomous tongue, the serepents tail,charmer use the charm, weave a spell and subdue me
6.1 venomous tongue- suggests poisonous words/ bitterness so the unrequited lover has become embittered
6.2 serpents tail- biblical reference hints at possible betrayal/disloyal/garden of eden/satan
6.3 charmer- empowering the man once again
6.4 subdue me- suggests she's out of control and needs guidance, that she's not stable and that she's needs to be calmed down
6.5 venomous tongue- blasphamy words against God and serpents tail- succumbing to temptation
6.5.1 weave a spell- is Gods healing when she is sinning to bring her back and control her wrong doing
7 If I am the laurel leaf in your crown, you are the arms around my bark, arms that never knew me
7.1 laurel leaf- singular suggest insignificance of her to the crown as she's only one segment of his glory. also the crown of many leaves may suggest he has many admirers and that he's to going to pay attention to each one individually
7.1.1 laurel leaf- one piece of God glory
7.2 a- alliteration with arms around arms
7.3 arms that never knew me- no physical love, perhaps this is all hypothetical and theres never a relationship or will be
8 Oh would that I would bark! So old and still in leaf. And you, dropping in my shade, dew to bedew me!
8.1 Oh would that i would bark- she wishes it would happen
8.2 so old and still in leaf- metaphor for her youth which suggests she is no longer young
8.3 dropping- brief encounters and gives her limited and little attention
8.4 he is the rain that is necessary for the survival of the trees
8.4.1 she is replenished and renewed by God and her faith
9 What shape should i take to marry your own, have you- hawk to my shadow, moth to my flame- pursue me?
9.1 she thinks she has to change so that he can see her
9.1.1 trying to measure up to God by changing
9.2 hawk- is free and a predator which empowers the man again and suggests he is to be wary off whilst she is but a shadow- a reflection thats stuck on the ground
9.3 moth to my flame- first time we see the man vulnerable and the unrequited lover with power. Moths are attracted ti flames but when they get too close they are burnt. Suggests if he were to find her attractive, finally, he would only get hurt.
9.3.1 she is the undoing and damage to her own faith
9.4 pursue me?- use of the question mark hints at the fact that she knows he will never pursue her
10 If i rise int the East as you die in the West, die for my sake, my love every night renew me.
10.1 she was born in the East and lived in the West- reference that she is the unrequited lover, supported by the refrain and rhyming couplets being "me"--> mimi
10.2 she is day and he is night and they can never meet
10.3 it would be easier if he were to die
10.4 hints at a saviour or martyr
11 If when it ends, we are just good friends, be my Friend, muse, lover and guide, Shamsuddin to my Rumi
11.1 if- hypothetical, all her imagination, she is imagining them breaking up even though the relationship hasn't even started.
11.1.1 Friend- capitalisation suggests significance or a personal diety e.g. God
11.1.2 Rumi is a persian love poet who came up with the Ghazal form of poem and Shamsuddin was his assistant. suggests partners and co-workers so she still wants to be close to him
12 Be heaven and earth to me, and I'll be twice the me I am, if only half the world you are to me.
12.1 heaven and earth- too big and cliche
12.2 twice the me I am- desperation for him to like her and give her attention so she wants to change as she feels that her normally is half as good as he would want or deserve
12.3 gives a sense she doesn't care as much as she first did
12.4 if only half the world you are to me- gives a sense that God is not a part of her life as much as he should be
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