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Lennie - OMAM
1 Disability
1.1 No support
1.1.1 He has to live like everyone else with no help
1.2 Mind of a child
1.3 No understanding at that time
2 American dream
2.1 Farm with George
2.1.1 He can "tend the rabbits"
2.2 He talks about it alot
2.2.1 George talks to him about it before killing him
3 George
3.1 No one understands why they travel together
3.1.1 We never find out how they first met
3.1.2 People think George is stealing Lennies wages
3.2 Lennie relies on him
4 Open minded
4.1 Doesn't discriminate
4.2 Listens to others
4.3 Isn't racist or sexist
5 Overly strong
5.1 He can't control it so accidentally hurts things
5.1.1 The puppy
5.1.2 Curley's Wife
5.1.3 Curley's hand
5.2 Uses his strength when working
6 Travels to find a job with George
6.1 Got chased out of his old home in Weed
7 Isolated
7.1 Doesn't understand what most people are saying
7.2 Doesn't go out to town with the other workers
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