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Media 2014 Paper
1 Question 1
1.1 Visual Codes
1.1.1 Two predominant rappers, one that is recognisable in the background and one that is less well known in the foreground. They are both looking serious with a strong body posture making them almost seem intimidating Red and Black colours throughout on a white background which makes all of the words stand out (Block colours also make the cover seem smart and serious, showing masculinity) Clothing featured on a well known celebrity not only relates to the indian/asian culture but also brings appeal with the use of a well known celebrity. Use of yellow and pink colours throughout makes it not only eye catching but the colours also relate to femininity
1.2 Layout
1.2.1 Bold logo in the top left corner with two bold well known names on the left side. Makes them stand out and may catch the eye of a fan of them which would make them want to buy the magazine
1.2.2 Blocky font style makes it easy to read. Also makes it look straight to the point and eye catching
1.2.3 The magazines masthead in the background but still very predominant on the cover, makes it stand out Sell lines such as "Only 2.95" attracts people to the magazine as it makes it seem cheap and limited.
1.3 Design
1.3.1 Various fonts are used to attract people. The clashing of the fonts makes the cover seem busy and thus eye catching The image of the well known actor stands out in the middle and makes that the focal point
1.3.2 The position of the text on the right makes it simple but eye catching as it tells them the things that appear in the magazine making it another selling point "Special Collectors Issue" makes the issue have important making people want to buy it
1.4 Language
1.4.1 Recognisable rappers which draws attraction to the cover and makes it appeal to certain people "Next Big Star" and "MC's that matter" makes the magazine seem as if they have a special insight as to what will be the next biggest thing, thus making people want to buy the magazine to find out more "Make Him Want You" "Extreme Beauty" quick fix/ slogans that may make the target user want to buy it Mode of address is aimed at woman which means it suits the target audience
2 Question 2a
2.1 Fans of Rap/Hip Hop
2.2 Young black males
3 Question 2b
3.1 Well known female celebrity on the cover appeals to women that may aspire to be like her
3.1.1 Dressed in indian/asian clothing with various bollywood/arabic related things which makes it appeal to Asian groups
3.2 Emphasis on love/sex/beauty in the sub-articles which may make it attract a female audience
3.2.1 Colours/Special fonts may make it appeal to people
4 The opening sequence of the 2014 six nations features well known rugby players emerging from the ground obviously making it attract fans of rugby
4.1 Question 2c
4.1.1 The final trailer for the James Bond Spectre film features a recognisable main character from a recognisable series, attracting fans of the James Bond series and fans of Daniel Craig Weapons, guns and action in the Spectre trailer makes it appeal to fans of action James Bond theme song may appeal to fans of music. Various production companies credited in the trailer makes it appeal to fans of them as well
5 Question 3
5.1 Citizen Khan Daily Mail online Article represents ethnicity as a stereotype that can be joked about in the media quite frequently
5.1.1 The negative responses to the series also shows that many people find that the media portrays certain ethnicities in a negative way. However the creator of the series (who is from Pakistan) shared that he believed that representing ethnicity in a joking way in the media was not a problem
5.2 Top Boy represents black youth living on a council estate in a violent and thug-like manner as seen in the Top Boy trailer
5.2.1 The Top Boy Review by the Guardian shows that certain people that can relate to a TV series may find the representation of ethnicity as an amusing thing that they can relate to
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