Unit 1 topic 2

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Unit 1 topic 2
1 Little ice age
1.1 Environmental
1.1.1 Glaciers destroy villages
1.1.2 Cold rain over europe
1.1.3 Glaciers fromed
1.2 Economic
1.2.1 Both wheat and oats not ripen Crops stopped
1.3 Social
1.4 All
1.4.1 Potato's grown in bad weather
1.5 Socio-econmoic
1.5.1 farmers died of hunger because of no food
1.5.2 Frost fairs of the ice
1.5.3 plaige
2 Impacts of Climate in the UK
2.1 In unit 1 book with all info in note and pictures.
2.2 Environmental impacts
2.2.1 Rising sea levels causing major erosion
2.2.2 More land is useable at higher altitude
2.2.3 Increase in flooding
2.2.4 Summers will be colder
2.2.5 Higher rainfall
2.3 Economic impacts
2.3.1 more droughts and water shortages
2.3.2 More illness
2.3.3 hot temps melt roads and rail lines buckle
2.3.4 Farmers changing crops which don't need as much water
2.3.5 people taking holidays in England which would be good for tourisum
3 Egypt
3.1 99% of the people live in 5% of the country
3.2 In flood, 7 million people would have to move
3.2.1 less forming
3.3 Flat and just under the sea levels
3.3.1 If the sea level rises 50cm, over a third of Alexandria will be under water
3.4 LEDC's doesn't have plans to protect its self
3.5 Inertial land away from the river, no good for farming
3.6 On the edge
3.6.1 Sea levels rising if sea levels rise by 50cm the land will be flooded 1/3 of Alexandria will be under water The same sea level rise and the nile delta will be 10% flooded 7 million people will ha to find new accommodation therefore people could die because of lack of food and water, they would have no homes
3.6.2 Conflict over water Countries south of Egypt are taking more and more money from the Nile Uganda, for example, has built the $862 million bujagali dam This has meant that the amount of water avalible per person in Egypt is 950cm^3 Therefore, the 6 million acres of irrupted farmland could die
3.6.3 Cant protect it self from GW Its an LEDC Cant make plans for when it floods This can lead to lots of people being killed Water shortage because of dam being made Leads to possible future wars
4 Climate in the UK
4.1 In book (Colour pics of UK
5 Food chains in book
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