Causes of October Revolution

Lorraine Turner
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Mind Map on Causes of October Revolution, created by Lorraine Turner on 10/02/2013.

Lorraine Turner
Created by Lorraine Turner about 6 years ago
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Causes of October Revolution
1 War
1.1 Defeats continued
1.2 Continuing social + economic problems because of war
2 Duel government
2.1 Provisional government
2.1.1 Remained in war
2.2 Petrograd government
2.2.1 Order no. 1
3 Kornilov revolt
3.1 General Kornilov threatened to match St Pertersburg
3.1.1 Set up red guard
3.2.1 Anti-Bolshevik
3.2.2 Tarist followers
3.3 Provisional government released Bolsheviks
3.3.1 Gave Bolsheviks arms Bolsheviks stronger
4 Continuing revolution activity
4.1 July uprising
4.1.1 Failed Disorganised Leading revolutionaries arrested = Lenin fled Bolsheviks realised importance of planning
4.2 Lenin's return
4.2.1 April Theses No provisional government End war Confiscate land Soviets only revolutionary government