Costal Zone Case Studies

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Costal Zone Case Studies
1 Mass movement/landslides
1.1 Holbeck Hotel, Scarborough.
1.1.1 Landslide took place between 3rd and 5th June 1993.
1.1.2 Heavy rainfall leading up to the collapse turned the muddy cliff to sludge.
1.1.3 Landslide was blames on soil creep, not the sea, a common problem in Scarborough.
2 Coastal features
2.1 Stack
2.1.1 Old Harry off The Foreland headland, Swanage.
2.2 Spit
2.2.1 Spern Head
2.3 Arch
2.3.1 The London Bridge, Port Campbell, Victoria.
3 Flooding
3.1 East Anglia coastline.
3.1.1 Popular tourist destination: brings in £5m+.
3.1.2 Agriculture land at risk meaning no local food supply.
3.2 Managing flooding
3.2.1 Thames barrier, London. Increased pressure is put on the Thames when connecting rivers flood. The barrier costs millions of pounds to maintain so can only be used when necessary. Since the 50's when it was built, the barrier has only been used 12 times. It can only be closed at low tide and can take about and hour and a half to fully close.
4 Erosion
4.1 Holderness coastline.
4.1.1 Fastest eroding coastline in Europe. 1-2 m per year.
4.1.2 Made of boulder clay.
4.1.3 Can be protected through hard and soft engineering methods. Hard: concrete sea walls. Soft: beach nourishment.
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