A Christmas Carol - Plot

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A Christmas Carol - Plot
1 Stave 1
1.1 Scrooge demonstrated frugal and miserable nature by mistreating the portly gentleman, Bob, Fred and even Marley.
1.2 Marley is dead (as a doornail).
1.3 Introduces Scrooge's character and his situation/problem.
1.4 Marley's ghost visits Scrooge to tell him of his fate and the spirits that will visit him.
2 Stave 2
2.1 The Ghost of Christmas Past visits scrooge.
2.2 Scrooge sees himself alone at boarding school, which reminds him of the child singing carols and he regrets not giving them something.
2.3 Scrooge sees himself at Fezziwig's ball and realises he needs to treat Bob better and be a better employer.
2.4 He sees how his frugal nature means Belle leaves him.
2.5 Scrooge sees the mistakes he has made and how he needs to treat people better.
3 Stave 3
3.1 The Ghost of Christmas Present visits Scrooge to show him how Christmas is celebrated.
3.2 Scrooge sees how the Cratchits have a poor Christmas in poor conditions and that Tiny Tim is very ill but they are still jolly.
3.3 Scrooge sees how Fred has a very joyful party and mocks Scrooge.
3.4 Scrooge is shown that Christmas is celebrated by everyone all over the world no matter the conditions.
3.5 Scrooge learns that he should embrace Christmas as it brings joy to people and also the effect he has on Bob's family.
4 Stave 4
4.1 The Ghost of Christmas yet to come visits Scrooge to show him where he will end up in the future.
4.2 Scrooge sees himself when he is dead. Nobody cares and some are even happy. People have no respect for him and even loot his body and house.
4.3 Scrooge learns that if he doesn't change his ways he will meet the same fate.
5 Stave 5
5.1 Scrooge wakes up from his encounter with the Ghosts and does his best to correct his ways.
5.2 He donates to the portly gentleman, sends the biggest goose to the Cratchits and goes to Fred's house.
5.3 Scrooge lives happily ever after
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