Outstanding Teacher

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mind maps of the attributes of teachers

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Outstanding Teacher
1 Compassion
1.1 Aspiration
1.1.1 can see the good
1.1.2 see potential
1.2 People
1.2.1 For students
1.2.2 Colleagues
1.2.3 Parents
2 Passion
2.1 Conviction
2.1.1 prinicples
2.1.2 philosophy
2.2 Content
2.3 Learning
3 Accomplished
3.1 Diligent
3.1.1 Excellence
3.2 Responsible
3.2.1 Follow through
3.2.2 policy
3.3 education
3.4 Proffession
3.5 Skills
4 Devoted
4.1 Loyal
4.1.1 relationships
4.2 giving
4.2.1 Generosity
4.2.2 guidance
4.2.3 time
4.3 work towards goal
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