Othello essay plan

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Othello essay plan
1 Honour/Morality
1.1 honour:- respect, reputation
1.1.1 Othello's loss of honour - Othello's reputation is ruined when he slaps his wife, Desdemona in public
1.1.2 Iago gets Cassio drunk humiliates himself indicates the importance of reputation (Act 2 Scene 3)
2 Appearance versus Reality
2.1 Deception
2.1.1 Desdemona deceived her father - women cannot be trusted Iago implants the notion
2.1.2 Othello is deceived by Iago and this leads to Desdemona's Death
2.2 Deceit
2.2.1 Iago is a deceitful character
3 Prejudice
3.1 Racial
3.1.1 Othello is seen as an outsider
3.1.2 Animals are symbolic
3.2 Gender - Objectifying women [women are seen as objects ('Zounds, sir, you're robbed') ('You have lost half your soul'-men's - father's or husband's-property)]
3.2.1 Misogyny-Desdemona represents women-loyalty/<dis>honesty/sin
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