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OM&M: George
    1. Small, short, quick, "dark of face" with restless eyes.
      1. His eyes show intelligence and nervous awareness of what is going on around him. Also show he is reluctant to trust anyone.
      2. "sharp and strong" "slender" arms and his nose is thin and bony.
        1. His defined face is contrasted with Lennie's which is described as "shapeless" This highlights the different levels of intelligence between them.
          1. The two are similar in the way they dress, both wearing shapeless hats, denim trousers and coats. Their poor dress links them together and highlights low position in society.
        2. PERSONALITY
          1. HERO
            1. He has courage.
              1. He is not prepared to be intimidated by Curley upon their first meeting. Where as Lennie, who is physically more intimidating and stronger, "twists with embarrassment"
                1. George stands "tense and motionless" refusing Curley to get the better of him.
              2. He is brave.
                1. He risks his own future at the ranch by encouraging Lennie to defend himself against Curley.
                  1. Final act of bravery when he decides on Lennie's fate by carrying out the act of killing him to spare Lennie from a long painful death at the hands of Curley.
                2. SENSITIVE
                  1. He tries to distract Carlson from killing Candy's dog by changing the subject "I seen a guy in Weed that had a Airedale could heard sheep"
                    1. Also shown by his inability to accept compliments, when Slim praises him "smart little guy" he comments that he is not intelligent because he's still "bucking barley for my fifty and found" This also suggest he has low self esteem.
                      1. His sensitivity makes the impossibility of the dream even more sad. George seems deserving but the economic pressures of the time makes work hard to find and he has the burden of Lennie.
                      1. George is SELFLESS for agreeing to look after Lennie who could be said to secure them jobs but is quickly the reason they lose them too.
                        1. They have a father-son-style relationship and George is shown to be LOYAL to Lennie where others wouldn't be.
                          1. George benefits from this as Lennie's childlike devotion stops him from being alone like most people at this time. Lennie's friendly presence improves George's self esteem as it sets his apart from the other men.
                          2. George sets himself apart b/c he considers himself different to men that "ain't got nothing to look ahead to" b/c in Lennie he has someone who "gives a damn" about him.
                            1. The fact he has a companion adds a sense of importance b/c the only other man with a human companion is Curley who is of a higher class.
                            2. George has a need for companionship but can be sharp-tongued with Lennie and admits that he "beat the hell outta' him"
                              1. This is out of frustration as Lennie is unable to stay out of trouble or remember much. George used to take advantage of Lennie's devotion but hasn't since he almost drowned when George told him to jump in Sacramento river, knowing he couldn't remember he couldn't swim.
                              2. George puts Lennie first. This is shown during Lennie's hallucinations when he says "if George had a piece of pie he would give you half or more than half"
                                1. This is also shown when George kills Lennie. He does this to save him a long, painful death even though it means putting an end to his dreams and future, he also loses a sense of importance and companionship.
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