Nervous System

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Quick revision recap for the nervous system or could be used as a summary for the end of the lesson

Rohii Mia
Created by Rohii Mia about 6 years ago
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Nervous System
1 Why do you need a nervous system?
1.1 What is a receptor?
2 What is the job of the nervous system?
2.1 Body is sensitive to changes
2.1.1 Takes information from sorrounding and helps you react in the correct way Avoid danger, find food and a mate
3 How?
3.1 Sends electrical signals (impulses)
3.1.1 travel very fast (1-120m/s)
4 What are the stages?
4.1 Stimuli
4.1.1 detects changes in the world around you
4.1.2 change is picked up by
4.1.3 Receptor Cells Where are you going to find them? Name the 5 sense? Neurons Special cells (animal cells) Found in bundles of 100s and 1000s send impulses from the _____ to the ____ Co-ordinator (CNS) Made up of the brain and spinal cord Huge amount of info received and brain co-ordinates it Motor neurone sends info to make the right bits of body move Effector organ Name them?
5 What are receptor cells?
5.1 pick up changes in the stimuli
5.1.1 Where will you find them?
6 What are neurons?
6.1 Cells that send impulses from the receptor to the CNS
7 Name the co-ordinator here?
7.1 CNS
7.1.1 Which is made up of the brain and spinal cord

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