Types and components of computer system

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Types and components of computer system
1 Hardware: physical parts of the computer system that you can touch and see
1.1 Software: a collection of instructions that can be 'run' on a computer
2 Main Computer Components
2.1 Central Processing Unit (CPU): it's the device that carries out software instructions, It's spped is measured in Hertz.
2.1.1 Main Memory: Any data or instructions that are processed by the CPU must be placed here. Random Access Memory (RAM): part of the computer that temporarily stores the instructions that the computer is running, and the data it is processing. IT's volatile. It contains the operating system software. The application software currently being used. Any data that is being processed. Read-only Memory (ROM): used in most computers to hold a small, special piece of software "the boot up program". It's non-volatile so the data in it is never lost.
3 Input and output (Peripheral Devices)
3.1 Input: Devices that pass data into the computer. (Keyboard...etc)
3.2 Output; Take data from the computer. (Monitor, printer, speaker...etc)
4 Operating system: a piece of software that manages the general operation of a computer system.
4.1 Provides user interface so we can interact with the computer.
4.2 Manages applications
4.3 Manages files.
4.4 Manages the computer memory.
4.5 Looks after computer security.
5 User interface: the system that people use to interact with the computer.
5.1 Graphical Interface is built around visual things like windows, icons, menus, a pointer.
5.1.1 Advantage; Easy to use.
5.1.2 Disadvantage: a powerful computer is needed.
5.2 Command Line Interface (CLI):
5.2.1 Dis; See nothing but a black screen, you have to type commands to make anything happen, difficult to use, only suitable for experts.
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