Physics P2 - Energy from the nucleus

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Physics P2 - Energy from the nucleus
1 Nuclear Fission
1.1 Energy is released in a nuclear reactor due to nuclear fission
1.2 A chain reaction can occur
1.3 A nucleus releases 2/3 neutrons
1.3.1 It releases energy (radiation and kinetic) A chain reaction means a steady release of energy is produced in a reactor
2 Inside a nuclear reactor
2.1 A nuclear reactor contains control rods and fuel rods and high pressured water
2.1.1 The water is a moderator that slows down the collisions so it will be effective
2.2 Control rods absorb extra neutrons - this controls the chain
2.3 The water acts as a coolant and is pumped trhough the core
2.4 The core is made of thick steel to withstand the extreme temperatures within
3 Nuclear fusion
3.1 Two small nuclei release energy when they fuse together and form a larger nucleus
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