Project management at BACC_Mind map


Communication processes in project management at BACC
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Project management at BACC_Mind map
  1. Decision makers at BACC
    1. Arts Network Officer: Laila Bunnang
      1. BACC Director: Luckana Kunarichayanont
        1. Exhibiting Artists: I.E. Henry Tran
          1. Heads of Departments: I.E head of exhibition department: Pichaya Suphavanji
          2. Stakeholders
            1. The City of Bangkok/ The Thai government
              1. Director, Curators & Art Managers, Heads of Departments at BACC
                1. Private Sponsors
                  1. The public
                    1. The artists
                      1. Board of trustees
                      2. Art Projects
                        1. The Young Artists Network
                          1. "The great artist of tomorrow will go underground" - Marcel Duchamp - See more at:
                          2. 'Imply Reply' (2015) See more at:
                            1. 'You are not alone' (2012) See more at:
                            2. Touchstones for decision making processes
                              1. Artistic Imagination
                                1. Pushing the envelope: I.E. 'Auto Pilot' (Henry Tran)
                                  1. Self-sustainability of art projects
                                    1. Criticizing the government (non-offensively)
                                      1. Managing ones own space
                                        1. Raising funds from the audience & investing them to fund the projects
                                    2. Social Justice
                                      1. 'Imply Reply' Collaboration
                                        1. Huang Yong Ping (exiled Chinese artist) & local artist Sakarin Krue-on
                                        2. 'You are not alone' display
                                          1. Enabling normal display of two men kissing
                                        3. Politicial Implications
                                          1. Allowing censorship?
                                            1. NO, but display in non-offensive way
                                              1. Allowing plattform for social change through wisdom of the curators
                                          2. Economic factors
                                            1. Will an exhibition offend sponsors/ the public/ the city?
                                              1. Trying to minimize effects on funding
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